What I’ve Learned

So my channel has continued to grow. I’ve gone from 0 subscribers to 44 in little over a month. I’m certainly happy with that growth rate. Hell, I can hardly believe 5 people pushed the subscribe button sometimes. Every time I get a new subscriber, I jump for joy…sometimes literally.

I’ve really enjoyed the whole process. I’ve learned an incredible amount about making videos and I’m still learning like crazy.

For example, a few videos ago I was adding in all my video clips, including my intro and outro and then adding in my commentary and editing it so that the narration didn’t overlap with my intro and outro. It was a terribly frustrating, time consuming process.

Turns out…it was unnecessary. Instead, what I should have been doing was adding in just the action clips, then narration and putting my intro and outro in last.

So simple and so obvious once I did it, but I had never thought of it in previous videos. Pretty much each video I learn something new – sometimes something large and sometimes something small.

I’ve also had a blast finding small channels I didn’t know existed on YouTube and interacting with them. The YouTube community is so much more than the large channels with thousands upon thousands of subscribers. I’m almost ashamed that I had ignored these channels before I began my own.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. If you’d like to check out my newest video, you can find it below. If you like it, I hope you’ll take a second to subscribe and like the video.

If you’re reading this – have a wonderful day!

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