Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve decided to create this blog to follow my YouTube experiences. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never dreamed of starting up a YouTube channel, but I decided to do so a bit ago and found that I loved it. Making videos is awesome! There is so much to learn and do. Literally, every video has a slight improvement. My first few videos were very hard to hear, but then I learned how to fix that. I went from using a free video recorder to using an Elgato, and now I’m learning more each day about editing video. Today I’ve diligently been working on adding music to my intro and outro and I’m excited that I managed to find and put together something I think works fairly well.

So if you have a channel, please feel free to drop a link in the comments section. I’ll check it out for sure.

That’s it for now. I’ll have more in the future. You can check out my last video I made below.

Cheers and Merry X-Mas!

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